Architecture of Shade | Two Eco-dome homes found near Bam
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Two Eco-dome homes found near Bam

While researching for our upcoming project located near Jiroft, we discovered two works by Nader Khalili constructed just after the devastating Bam earthquake.

Eco - Dome design by Nader Khalili - near Bam, Iran.

Eco – Dome design by Nader Khalili – near Bam, Iran.

These two homes are built in his Eco-dome design. A method of construction called “earth-bag” construction and a form of Superadobe. Requiring no energy for compaction, such as in rammed-earth methods, this technique makes use of bags of adobe material stacked to create domes and vaults.

Khalili was an internationally-known architect, writer and humanitarian, focusing his work on aiding the homeless and combating climate change disasters. He wanted to preserve traditional building techniques, build on natural sustainable design techniques, and provide the poor with sufficient technologies for sheltering.

These two homes are no longer in use and are quickly deteriorating. We hope to work together with Cal-Earth, Nader Khalili’s institute for Earth Architecture, to save these precious works of Iranian architectural history.






“No one can prove there is a meaning to life. I must make my own life meaningful. That is all.”

– Nader Khalili

(1936 – 2008)


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