Architecture of Shade | Happy Nowruz!
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Happy Nowruz!

Nearing the end of the Persian year, we are already getting excited for next year’s projects, including a museum, school, and ranger station project!
Persian New Year is called Nowruz and is celebrated in March.
Now/no meaning “new” from the old Persian “nava” and
Ruz meaning “day” in modern Persian, and originating from the word for “light” (roj).


Norouz is celebrated on the Spring Equinox, and welcomes the new year as the sun sits over the equator and spreads evenly across the Earth.
We are welcoming the new day, and the new light of Spring this year, with a mind for the environment and evolving toward more sustainable and ecological architecture.


We wish you all the best in beginning a new chapter!

On our “haft seen” (seven S’s) we will place:
sabzi (greens) for the green of the environment, and rebirth.
sir (garlic) for health.
sib (apple) for love and beauty.
somaq (sumac berry) for patience.
serkeh (vinegar) for evolution.
samanu (wheat pudding) for affluence.
senjed (fruit of oleaster tree) for firmness and tolerance.

Norouz is recognized on the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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