Architecture of Shade | Current Northern Tehran Residential Project
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Current Northern Tehran Residential Project

We are currently working on a residential building in the neighborhood of Mahmoudiyeh in North Tehran. The plot is located at the base of the Alborz Mountains and looks out over the cityscape to the south. This design is centered around the idea of an elevated garden space to complement its overall Persian-inspired design.

The hanging garden idea directly brings this modern residential building into the traditional aesthetic of Persian culture. The walled garden is an integral part of traditional Persian architecture and culture. We innovated on the idea and created a garden which can be enjoyed privately but still uses the space efficiently.


One of the distinguishing aspects of this design is the creation of a car drop-off porch. This is rare in the city of Tehran, however, the streets are small and taxis are used more often than not. By including a smooth transition from the street into the covered car porch, we improved safety and keep the streets clear of congestion.

We wanted to display the colorful nature of the Iranian people and their art. Much of the contemporary architecture is lacking the colorful aesthetic of Iranian traditions. As a result, we have decided to combine our passions for tile and brick work to cover the facade of this tower in turquoise-glazed brick. In this way, bringing color back to the old neighborhood and evoking the Persian aesthetic in a new way.


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