Architecture of Shade | A New Beginning
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A New Beginning

Our new English-language website is officially online!

Visit our main site at:
We chose to launch our site on the auspicious day of Soroush in the ancient Zoroastrian Calendar.
In the Zoroastrian tradition, the 11th day of Aban is dedicated to Soroush, the bringer of light and therefore clarity and awareness. Soroush, meaning “obedience/observance” in the Avestan language, is associated with the sacred bird, the rooster. Rooster calls the light at dawn, a messenger from the heavens as his sound is the ever-present voice of conscience.
The months of the modern Persian calendar are taken from the older Zoroastrian traditions. In this month of Aban, we celebrate the waters of life (“aban” means “the waters” in Farsi). As such, the flower of Aban is the water-lily, a world-over symbol of the same enlightenment Soroush offers us.

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