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Welcome to our blog!
Here we share our news, passions and ideas – Thank you for visiting!

Look forward to information on various ideas and projects we are exploring as well as updates on our environmental activism and cultural preservation projects. Here, you find historical information about the long history of Persian architectural techniques. 

We are a Tehran-based architectural practice founded in 1990 by architect and designer Firouz Firouz. We focus on integrative design and specialize in the art of fusing traditional and modern design techniques. Our approach is based on a conscious reconciliation; we combine the latest advances in building technology with a strong sensitivity to culture and context.

Our design team has produced a language close to our historical traditions through the inclusion of crafts such as mirror work, plaster-work, wood-knotting, tiling and more. We are currently involved in multiple residential projects exploring innovative ways to integrate the elements of traditional Persian homes into modern, urban living spaces.

Our designs are a platform for investigation, innovation, cultural education and preservation that can extend beyond Iran’s borders. Seeking to preserve collective history, we center on clean energy and efficient designs. Keeping in mind the interweaving of human behavior with our physical environment, our designs are sensitive to the needs of a functional, modern society. We understand the wider social responsibility in architectural design and therefore place great value on sustainability.

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